"In the future, two types of companies will remain on the market: those who are on the Internet and those who have left the business." - Bill Gates

"The computer is the most amazing tool I've ever encountered, it's a bicycle for our consciousness." - Steve Jobs

Super Rich people are talking about the bitcoin boom...and bitcoin going
up to $2,000 to $55,000 dollars for each bitcoin...Look at the videos below...

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    Bitcoin on march 1st reaches 10 951 $ and a market cap of 175,5 billion.

    Ethereum on march 1st is 872,20 $ and a market cap of 83,8 billion.

    Ripple on march 1st is 0,93 $ and a market cap of 35,34 billion.

    Rcoin went up 750% in one year...Then as Bitcoin grew over 1,800%, Rcoin also grew up to a max. of 1,800%...Now as of January 25th, 2018 Rcoin is up between 1,000% and 2,000% depending on the market...

    Now Rcoin USA is ready to enter the Global Market

    Purchase coins for the amount Bonus in% Coin bonus Total
    50 $ 5 3 28
    100 $ 10 5 55
    200 $ 15 15 115
    500 $ 20 50 300
    1000 $ 50 250 750


    We are entering the top 500 companies at coinmarketcap.com and in the top 50 companies at www.yobit.net for sales figures.


    Constant Growth

    Deposit rate

    Working with exchangers


    Affiliate Program


    In the R-COIN system, the referral program is divided into 7 levels, each of which makes it possible to receive additional income         by attracting new participants and building a community of crypto-currencies.

    Our company offers "INFINITY" bonus for all sales leaders in the RCOIN system from the 8th to the 100th referral level. This bonus implies a monthly payment of $ 10,000 to Rcoin and participation in the Rcoin Brokerage Program. Join Rcoin today and experience all the benefits of financial independence!


    Why is it beneficial to buy RCoin!
    RCoin International is a company with a great future!

    When you purchase Ricox Crypto-currency through exchangers, you receive bonuses only from the exchanger you have chosen.           To receive bonuses from the company RcoinInternational LTD, you need to purchase the Rcoin crypto currency on our website, or contact our sales leaders.

    How to register on the start-up world market www.youbit.net

    1. Click www.yobit.net and create your account.


    2. In the upper right corner, click the "Registration" button.


    3. Enter your email address.


    4. Enter the password.


    5. Confirm your password.


    6. Check the box next to "I agree with YoBit.net Rules"


    7. Click on the cell next to "I'm not a robot"


    8. Complete the task that the system will offer you.


    9. Then click on "Register"


    10. Go to your Al. Mail and open a letter with YoBit and confirm your registration on the exchange, click on the active link.

    Buy BTC on any exchanger convenient for you   For example - BTC bank


    1. To replenish the BTC account on the Exchange www.yobit.net


    2. Open (sign in) your wallet - Balances


    3. Select BTC - input press "+"


    4. A code of your BTC wallet appears on the pop-up window.


    5. You need to select it and copy it.   

    6. After, enter the site of the exchanger or BTC bank and create there an application for the purchase of BTC from your plastic card: Visa, Master Card or from other electronic purses.
    Note: Your account must have money     (minimum 300 UAH and more) to buy BTC (maximum amount of 3000grn / 100 $) +% commission and 4% payment for transaction / transfer.

    Create an order to buy:


    1. What do we give

    2. That we buy MTC


    1. Enter your card number from which you will pay

    2. We paste the previously copied BTC purse address into the string. (Put the cursor, click on the right mouse button and select "Paste", after which the code of your BTC purse appears on www.yobit.net )

    3. Click "pay"

    4. Expect from 10 to 40 minutes (as stated on the exchanger)

    5. Check the website www.yobit.net in the BTC wallet - your balance.

    6. As soon as there are funds, you can buy Rcoin.

    Growth 10-15% monthly

    RCOIN is a crypto currency, which increases in volume by 10-15% per month:             buying this currency during the first two years of existence, you earn the same pace.             The new RCOIN units are created as a result of a process called "mining".         


    Electronic wallet


           The first crypto currency, which is easy to extract, is easy to sell and easy to use.        No complex installations or profound knowledge are required. Thanks to a specially designed        software Rcoin E-Wallet, you can easily control your crypto currency and its growth.        To date, we have over 1 billion pre-investment crypto currency.    


    Affiliate Program   

       In the R-COIN system, the referral program has 7 levels, each of which gives an opportunity to receive additional income    for attracting new participants and building a community of crypto-currencies. In the RCOIN system, the referral program is divided into 7 levels, each of which gives an opportunity to receive additional income    for attracting new participants and building a community of crypto-currencies. Successful Sales Leaders receive special bonuses and high profits, and can also receive additional money for training new members. We provide INFINITY with a bonus for all sales leaders in the RCOIN system from the 8th to the 100th referral level. This bonus implies a monthly payment of $ 10,000 to Rcoin and participation in the Brokerage Program.

    Instant Operations

                Crypto currency RCOIN allows you to make instant transactions with zero commission from almost anywhere in the world where there is Internet.             You can exchange our crypto currency for other payment means thanks to our exchange partners.         



    Global Plans       

              We are pleased to inform you that the RCOIN crypto currency is at the final stage of registration on the world exchange coinmarketcap .           In addition, the management of the company RCOIN plans to enter the stock market in Poland until the end of 2017.       



    Barter network RCOIN       

            Specially developed software RCOIN Barter Network allows participants in the system to exchange goods and services, or exchange them for crypto currency         RCOIN without commissions and restrictions.     


    R Coin becomes global

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    Extraction of crypto-currency:

    1 874 801 530

    Registered users:

    26 656

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    Many earn with Rcoin

    Our Principles

    What is electronic money?

    This is a relatively new and evolving term that is used in the fields of computer networks and money transfer and storage systems.

    People have been using electronic money for 50 years already. The most popular payment systems are Visa, Mastercard, American Express and hundreds of others. 20 years ago, people using ATMs could withdraw and send money 24 hours a day and seven days a week. Today we can make any money transactions via the Internet. Billions of dollars, euros, pounds and other currencies are sent from one account to another thanks to the Internet every day, weekly and monthly. Now this is the best way to save time and money.

    What is the Crypto currency?

    Crypto currency is an electronic exchange mechanism, a digital asset, the issue and accounting of which are often decentralized. The system functions in a distributed computer network. In this case, usually all information about transactions is not encrypted and is always available in clear form. Cryptography is not used to restrict access to transaction data, but to ensure that the chain of transaction database units remains unchanged. At a time when banks hold most of the population's funds on their computer accounts, crypto-cash companies help people control their money. This control is carried out using sophisticated software. Banks, as a rule, are limited to a small number of local customers who live nearby. Crypto-currency companies have access to millions of customers around the world, and this is what allows them to earn huge profits. .

    What is Bitcoin?

    This is one of the first companies that started working with the Internet currency.

    Initially, Bitcoin cost only 10 US cents. In a short time, it grew to $ 1, which amounted to% 1000 profit. Later Bitcoin grew to $ 2, which amounted to% 2000 profit. Then its price rose to $ 3 (% 3000 profit), to $ 5 (% 5000 profit). As a result, the price of Bitcoin increased to $ 1200. This is more than% 1 000 000 income! This growth occurred in just 3 years!

    For bitcoins, you can buy anything on the Internet, as for dollars, euros or rubles. He also trades on stock exchanges. But the most important difference between bitcoin and all other forms of money is decentralization.

    No institution in the world controls Bitcoin. Some of this stalemates, because this means that no bank can control your money.

    Invest in Rcoin today


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    Rcoin helps students pay for their universities.                     
    100 $ turn into $ 800 in a year.



    • Rules for investing money in a project

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        1. Nikogda ne investiruyte den'gi, prednaznachennyye dlya pitaniya.

        2. Nikogda ne investiruyte den'gi, prednaznachennyye dlya oplaty kommunal'nykh uslug.

        3. Nikogda ne investiruyte den'gi, kotoryye vam nuzhny na meditsinskiye uslugi.

        4. Ne investiruyte den'gi, kotoryye nuzhny Vam dlya semeynykh raskhody.

        5. Ne investiruyte den'gi, kotoryye vam neobkhodimy dlya budushchikh meditsinskikh raskhodov.

        6. Vlozheniye deneg - eto vysokiy risk. Vse mozhet poyti ne tak, kak bylo zaplanirovano, vozmozhny opozdaniya i zaderzhki. Vy mozhete poteryat' vashi den'gi

        7. Ne investiruyte bol'she vashey godichnoy zarplaty, poka ne priobretete ser'yeznyye navyki i opyt v investirovanii.

        8. Posle togo, kak Vy vlozhili den'gi i poluchili dogovor, Vy smozhete poluchit' svoi den'gi obratno tol'ko v sootvetstvii s usloviyami dogovora.

        9. Vsegda rasschityvayte na to, chto Vy mozhete poluchit' svoi den'gi s zaderzhkoy (na odin mesyats, na dva mesyatsa ili na 6 mesyatsev).

        10. Kogda Vy investiruyete den'gi, u vas dolzhno byt' 2 koshel'ka: dlya lichnykh deneg i deneg dlya biznesa. Vy ne mozhete ispol'zovat' investitsionnyye den'gi dlya resheniya lichnykh problem, v t.ch. meditsinskikh.

        11. Kogda Vy investiruyete den'gi, vam nado vremenno pro nikh zabyt'. Eti den'gi dolzhny rasti v techeniye odnogo goda, dvukh, trekh, pyati, desyati i dvadtsati let.

        12. $42, investirovannyye v 1969 godu v kompaniyu Uorrena Baffeta "Berkshire Hathaway", vyrosli v 1980 godu do $340, a v 1990 godu eta summa vyrosla do $7,000 .

        Uchites' investirovat' nebol'shiye den'gi ($100, $300, $500, $1,000, $2,000, $3,000, $ 5,000 i $10,000), a zatem reinvestiruyte ikh neskol'ko raz. Eto pomozhet Vam umnozhat' Vash kapital v techeniye 2-kh, 3-kh, 5-ti i 10 let.

        1. Never invest money for food.

        2. Never invest money to pay for utilities.

        3. Never invest money that you need for medical services.

        4. Do not invest the money that you need for family expenses.

        5. Do not invest the money you need for future medical expenses.

        6. Investing in money is a high risk. Everything can go wrong, as planned, there may be delays and delays. You can lose your money

        7. Do not invest more than your annual salary until you gain serious skills and experience in investing.

        8. After you have invested money and received the contract, you will be able to receive your money back only in accordance with the terms of the agreement.

        9. Always count on the fact that you can get your money with a delay (one month, two months or six months).

        10. When you invest money, you should have 2 purses: for personal money and money for business. You can not use investment money to solve personal problems, incl. medical.

        11. When you invest money, you need to temporarily forget about them. This money must grow for one year, two, three, five, ten and twenty years.

        $ 42, invested in Warren Buffett's Berkshire Hathaway company in 1969, grew to $ 340 in 1980, and in 1990 this amount rose to $ 7,000.


        Learn to invest a little money ($ 100, $ 300, $ 500, $ 1,000, $ 2,000, $ 3,000, $ 5,000 and $ 10,000), and then reinvest them several times. This will help you multiply your capital for 2, 3, 5 and 10 years.

    Rcoin International LTD

    This is one of the first companies that offers a stable growth of the crypto currency. Our specialists have developed a global growth plan for the company over the next year. Today, the growth of the Rcoin CSR is 10-15% monthly!

    Maximum benefit

    The company Rcoin gives the most favorable offers to all participants of the global community Rcoin. Join the company Rcoin International LTD, study the system and start earning money with the help of the Internet and the knowledge gained at our training.

    Currency Rcoin

    Today there are 5 billion units of Rchoin crypto currency. 1 billion Rcoin is already pre-minted and ready for sales and ensuring your financial independence. Cyclic currency Rcoin is growing by 10-15% per month.


    Our company offers "INFINITY" bonus for all sales leaders in the RCOIN system from the 8th to the 100th referral level. This bonus implies a monthly payment of $ 10,000 to Rcoin and participation in the Rcoin Brokerage Program. Join Rcoin today and feel all the benefits of financial independence!

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